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Other Adoptable Dogs
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This page lists dogs that are available through private adoptions and listings for other rescues with available dogs.

Please note that Pei People is listing these adoptable pets as a courtesy, but takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information listed and is not responsible in any way for these dogs or their adoption. 

Please inquire directly with the contacts listed as to their policies, procedures and other information regarding these pets.
*Bakersfield, CA area*

This is Kola, but we probably should have named him "Mr. Happy". Kola is a 2 year old chow mix who loves everyone he meets. He likes other dogs, people and kids. He's is crate trained and loves to lay in the shade in the yard.

He's a super friendly boy who would work well in just about any type of family or single owner home.
He was abandoned when his family moved from their home.

To learn more about Kola, contact Jody at 818-239-9440 or by email.
Please contact email or phone listed below each dog for these listings.
*Orange County, CA*

Marvin is a tough case - but soooo worth it! He lived neglected for 8 years until a good Samaritan took him from the neighbor who neglected him so. He had entropion eye surgery (stitches are still in in this photo), but he's mostly blind and his hearing is questionable.  He can definitely hear some things but we are not sure how much.  He is about 8 years old and he is small for a Shar-pei, probably about 30-35 lbs but he's very strong for his size and pulls quite hard on the leash so we are working on that.  He hasn't shown any aggression but when another dog  goes after him he responds so he needs to be with a submissive dog if any.  He likes to be pet and shown some loving but he seems a bit confused by it which is understandable considering his background of complete and total neglect.  The poor dog has spent his entire life on a five foot chain attached to a chain link fence and deserves something a little nicer in his senior years.  I know that he is a hard sell but if you open your heart and home to Marvin, you will be loved in return. If you are interested in Marvin, please go to

*Albuquerque, NM*

Elvis is just one year old (his birthday is 1/24), he is a wrinkly, full blooded Shar Pei (no papers), approx. 45lbs, up to date on shots, neutered, licensed, and chipped. He has had one cherry eye corrected by surgery and the other needs to be done. He is a good dog with a fun personality, loves kids, walks, loafing around, follows basic commands, learns quickly, and mostly potty trained. He is just too big for my townhome so we need to re-home him. His parents were only 32/34 lbs and he is on the larger size.

He will need a yard and to be and inside/outside dog. He needs to be kept indoors during extreme weather and likes to be social. He is good with my 2 sons that are under 7 years old. He hasn’t been around a ton of other animals but doesn’t show aggression when he sees them, he isn’t territorial, and hardly ever barks. He whines to go outside to potty. He loves belly and neck rubs and we are looking for a special family that is looking for a Shar Pei particularly.

Please contact me directly for re-homing. The new family must be prepared to have his right eye corrected immediately and have a vet visit scheduled before he goes to his new home.

Elvis is a very special Pei and we want to make sure he is going to a forever home. To learn more about Elvis, contact Kathleen at 505-382-1176 or by email.