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Other Adoptable Dogs
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This page lists dogs that are available through private adoptions and listings for other rescues with available dogs.

Please note that Pei People is listing these adoptable pets as a courtesy, but takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information listed and is not responsible in any way for these dogs or their adoption. 

Please inquire directly with the contacts listed as to their policies, procedures and other information regarding these pets.
*Bakersfield, CA area*

This is Kola, but we probably should have named him "Mr. Happy". Kola is a 2 year old chow mix who loves everyone he meets. He likes other dogs, people and kids. He's is crate trained and loves to lay in the shade in the yard.

He's a super friendly boy who would work well in just about any type of family or single owner home.
He was abandoned when his family moved from their home.

To learn more about Kola, contact Jody at 818-239-9440 or by email.
*Southern California*

Jericho is a 9 year old brushcoat male, who is being retired after being a 2005 grand champion!   He will be neutered prior to adoption and is looking for a great home to spend his last few years.  Jericho has a very good temperament and is a good boy, getting along well with other dogs.

To learn more about Jericho, email Sue.
*Maricopa, Arizona*

This is Peaches. She is a 5 year old purebred shar-pei. She is a wonderful dog who is playful but yet protective. She does very well with kids, just not with other animals. We have had her as a puppy and is spayed with all her shots up to date. She especially loves to cuddle up with her family. She is a spoiled indoor dog, prefers to sleep on a bed (prefers with her family), and house trained.

To learn more about Peaches, contact Artie at  602.327.5479 or by Email
Please contact email or phone listed below each dog for these listings.
*Phoenix area*

Tanner is an approximately 6 year old male shar pei left behind with a coworker when his family moved. He is great with other dogs and cats, as he was raised with both. He is crate trained and house broken. He loves to play and can get a little rough, so a home without small children is recommended. He even graduated from obedience classes!
He is currently on a grain free food which has helped resolve his allergy issues.  He does walk well on a leash and enjoys his daily walks.

Tanner is neutered and up to date on vaccines.

To learn more about Tanner, email Colleen or call
*Las Cruces, NM area*

India is in need of a foster or a forever home. She is a 3 year old spayed Shar Pei/lab mix. She was found as a stray. She is good with other dogs (although small dogs can annoy her after a while).

To learn more about India, contact APA rescue at 575-644-0505 ask for Micheal or Sally at 575-640-9949

*Tucson, AZ*

Baxter is a smart, sweet, loving 4.5 year old, fixed, male Pit Bull / Shar Pei mix who weighs in at 75 pounds. He
has been fully vaccinated.

Baxter adopted us on a camping trip nearly 10 months ago, and was very friendly from the start. We are not
sure how long he was a stray, but in the last year, he has made tremendous growth in many areas needed to
live with people. He is housebroken and enjoys learning new things. Although he can be a bit stubborn at times
he will do anything for a piece of meat or string cheese! He knows sit, down, come, wait, and leave it. He can
also “watch” on command, as well as “touch.” We are currently working on crate training him.

Playing is one of Baxterʼs go-to pastimes, and he can be quite energetic. Tug is one of his favorite games. He
also enjoys fetch, but is still learning to bring the ball back! He loves to go on walks and does best with a
harness. He enjoys going to the dog park and plays well there with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

He is a very loving and people-oriented dog, and doesnʼt like to be by himself. Baxter enjoys cuddling, and will
very happily curl up with you, especially in the evenings. He thinks that he is a lap dog, but he is a bit too big to
fit very well! He absolutely adores belly rubs, and will be your best friend if you give him one.
As a stray, he has a high prey drive and is reactive to small animals, particularly cats. He will do best in a home with other dogs only, and no other pets.
Although he is very much a people dog, and enjoys children, he doesnʼt enjoy being climbed on or bothered
constantly. A home with older children is best for him.
Baxter is also fearful of thunder and wants to be in your lap during storms. He can also be fearful of new
things, but has made tremendous progress in that area and has really learned to trust.

Baxter is a very sweet dog who will make an amazing companion! We are asking for a $25 rehoming fee that
will be donated to a no-kill shelter in our area. We also ask that you submit an application that will be provided
to you to help us place Baxter in the best possible home. We can provide you with his food and water bowls,
extra food, several of his favorite toys, blanket, car harness, collar, and leash, if needed.
Though we have spent 10 months working to dampen his reactivity to cats, he has never warmed to ours,
necessitating a new home. Although we are sad to rehome him, we are excited to be able to provide you an
opportunity to welcome him in as part of your family, while providing the best possible environment for Baxter.

For additional information please contact Jessica by email or call 609-364-7340 (no texts). We would be willing to drive him to a mutual location.