Pei People Shar Pei Rescue        a 501(c)3 non-profit serving California, Nevada, Arizona & Colorado
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If you need to find a home for your dog....

We are a small group with only a few foster homes and generally have many dogs in our care. As a result of this, we are rarely in a position to take in a dog from a private owner, most of our space is used to save dogs who are out of time and facing euthanasia in shelters.  If you have a situation that has a deadline, do not wait until the last minute to act...this leaves you few options other than a kill shelter. In today's economy, many people are finding that they need to move into smaller homes or apartments where they are not allowed to have  their dog. 

If this is your situation, please consider the following options:

1) Ask the landlord if there is a way for you to leave a pet deposit and keep your pet. Some people will consider this if they have a pet deposit and signed agreement that you will pay to clean or replace any damages resulting from your pet.  You can also create a "resume" for your pet, stating that he/she is housebroken, quiet, etc. and ask your landlord to at least meet your pet before making a decision.

2) Ask friends and family members if they would consider "fostering" your dog until you are in a position to move to a more pet-friendly arrangement. In this case, you would still be the dog's legal owner and would pay all the dog's expenses such as food and vet care, while the foster gets all the benefits of having a pet.  It is also a good idea to spell out the details of the arrangement in writing for yourself and the foster if you choose this option.

3) If your dog is a mix, we suggest you search on and for rescue groups in your immediate area.  Some groups rescue mixed breeds and take in various purebred dogs, so this is a good way to find other options for placing your dog.
4) If you are considering re-homing your dog because he/she is aggressive, you should know that it is unlikely that we will be able to re-home your dog. We recommend training (as well as spaying/neutering) to enable you to keep your dog instead of re-homing him/her. We have a list of trainers we can refer you to who are "pei-friendly". Some trainers are not, and you should interview any potential trainers before enlisting their services. We have heard of several trainers who do not like to work with shar pei and should not be used for this breed. Please email us for a referral if you are considering a trainer.

If you still need to place your dog, please contact us with a description of your situation and a bio that describes your dog's personality. We will need to know the following:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex (spayed/neutered?)
  • Is your dog good with other dogs? Cats?
  • Good with strangers and/or children?
  • Housebroken?
  • Where does your dog stay when you are not home (yard, house, crate)?

Please tell us anything elase that is pertinent. (Note: age and health are not "deal breakers", so please be honest with us, we can only help you and your pet if the info you provide is accurate.) We will also need at least one current photo of your dog, preferably one close up of the dog's face, and a full body shot. All dogs must be spayed or neutered before they are placed with anyone!!! We can help to find a low cost clinic in your area, or a voucher to assist you if cost is a factor.

Once you have provided us with all required information, your dog can be placed on our website on our "other adoptable dogs" page, and also on our waiting list to get into foster care or kenneling. If we accept your dog into our group, we generally require a $300 donation to cover the cost of boarding and care for the first month that the dog is with us.