We have two new shirt designs available to help raise money for Tonka, one of our recent rescues with some serious medical issues.

Each shirt is ordered directly from Bonfire (see links below) and they take all orders by the deadline, then print and ship directly to you and send a check to Pei People!

Design 1

Design 2

Tote is XL and measures 20" across and 16" high and 6" wide.   It has two straps that allow you to carry on shoulder and is made of a a lightweight black fabric/recycled materials.  

Great for grocery shopping, taking all your dog items (bowls, food, blankets, toys) along, gym clothes, everyday items, etc.

Photo on bag is shown below.

t-shirts Fundraiser

puppy tote

Who says you can't find purebred puppies at the shelter?  Well, sometimes we get pregnant moms...and the puppies on this tote are actually rescue puppies born to a Pei People momma pei in 2015.   The wonderful photographer, Ted Hewitt from Tucson, took this photo.  

Not ready for a puppy?  How about just the tote? 

It is yours with a $15 donation

(through this link ONLY.  I'm afraid we can't manage matching up for previous pledges or donations via other links).    *Note available for USA shipping only at this time.*