Who says you can't find purebred puppies at the shelter?  Well, sometimes we get pregnant moms...and the puppies on this tote are actually rescue puppies born to a Pei People momma pei in 2015.   The wonderful photographer, Ted Hewitt from Tucson, took this photo.  

Not ready for a puppy?  How about just the tote? 

It is yours with a $15 donation

(through this link ONLY.  I'm afraid we can't manage matching up for previous pledges or donations via other links).    *Note available for USA shipping only at this time.*

Tote is XL and measures 20" across and 16" high and 6" wide.   It has two straps that allow you to carry on shoulder and is made of a a lightweight black fabric/recycled materials.  

Great for grocery shopping, taking all your dog items (bowls, food, blankets, toys) along, gym clothes, everyday items, etc.

Photo on bag is shown below.

puppy tote