Note:  We rescue and adopt in California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Texas.  We are in constant need of foster homes in all these states.

Thank you for your interest in helping our pets through our foster care program! 

We frequently find ourselves with animals that need some extra help from you before they can be adopted from our shelter.  Some (but not all) examples may include:

  • pregnant animals
  • puppies that are too young to be put up for adoption
  • animals with illnesses or injuries that can be treated at home
  • animals requiring additional training (housetraining, socialization, crate training, walking on a leash, basic obedience

Foster pets, although they are temporary guests in your home, require a significant commitment.  Cleaning, feeding, and watering are just the beginning.  They sometimes need special food, medication, and veterinary care.  They always need lots of care and affection.  If you are willing to provide these things to pets in need, then we’d love to have you as an active participant in our foster program!

First, we need some basic information about you and your home environment:

*PLEASE Answer all Questions as Completely as Possible*

Foster Application