We only accept applications to foster and adopt from Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Texas and adjacent states (if you are willing to drive), such as Wyoming, Utah.  

If you are in any another state, you can find a another local Chinese Shar-Pei rescue at www.cspca.com

importantread first

All our shar pei are:

  • spayed/neutered prior to adoption
  • microchipped
  • up to date on vaccines

These are not negotiable items.

We do not have the luxury of bloodwork, flea control and other testing for all our dogs.  If we have done testing, we are happy to provide results to you.

We do require that you take any newly adopted dog to your own vet within 2 weeks to make sure you and your vet are happy with their health.

MORE adoption info

Pei People dogs are usually in foster homes - private homes where families take care of the dogs (usually in addition to their own) until they can be adopted.  

Some of our dogs are also in private kennels until a foster home opens up.

We do not have a "facility" or "shelter" to visit, so we only take appointments to meet dogs.  We require that you fill out an application first, so we know who we are meeting and so we can discuss your family/home situation and lifestyle and make sure you are selecting dogs that will fit into your life well!!

Adoption requires contacting us, filling out an application, working with Pei People to find the right dog for you, a home inspection and an adoption fee.

Click HERE to get more detail on fees and what is included and to fill out an application online.

Adoption Contract* (*for reference only.  This will be delivered to you for signature with your new adoptee!)

How to ADOPT

Fostering is a temporary situation where a Pei People dog, who is looking for a home, is placed in your home until a "forever" home is found.   This is not a system to try out dogs, but it is for families or individuals that want to open their home to an extra dog for at least 2 weeks and support rescue.  

In a foster situation, the rescue (Pei People) takes care of medical bills (pre-approval needed) and does all the marketing and screening of homes.

Here is a copy of our foster application/agreement (best on home computer).

Here is a copy of our foster application/agreement FOR MOBILE! (best when cell phone is rotated)